Hamble River Rowing

Hamble River Raid 17th May 2014

This years raid set off in it’s normal maniacal start, with the coxes running from the beach to board there prepped boats and heading their crews out on the 6 mile course from Hamble Hard, down to the Jolly Sailor and back.

What a difference a year makes, last year the start was postponed to allow a torrential  hail storm to pass, this year it was a blazing 24 deg! The crews found it a rather hot and thirsty hours row, with the thought of the cold beer back at the beer tent the only thing keeping them going.

Dodging the sea scouts in their smaller boats, weaving through the larger odd gigs and trying to keep the fast kayaks at bay, the club gigs battled around the course all coming in to ring the bell on the beach to finish within 10 minutes of each other.  

Rum Runners: Jamie, Lorraine, Emma, Sam and Jules.    Elapsed time  50:19   Fastest bursledon gig with 10’ oars or less

Crazy Daisy’s : Amanda, Katrina, Nicky, Katie and Richard. Elapsed time 51:49

Saqsaywaman: Richard, Simon, Mike, Elapsed time 51:53

HRR Red gig: Anthony, Jim, Pat, Mel and Anita.    Elapsed time 54:21

Ladies in  Red: Susan, Bobby, Jenny, Lynn and Brian.   Elapsed time : 1.02:42

Bursledon Regatta - 30th August

The biggest rowing regatta of the year, @ The Elephant boat yard.  River Hamble.

Come and join in with the rowing or just enjoy the madness that is The Bursledon regatta, with gig races, carnival floats, family rowing races and much much more.  All with in the theme of The Big Top Circus.  Red noses ahoy!!

A sample of shots from this and last years fun. :)

Ocean to City - Cork Ireland.  1st June 2014

The intrepid crazy daisy crew, venture over to Ireland for the second year to take part in the Ocean to City race.

The Gigglers crew from Hamble river, also headed over to Ireland to enjoy the festivities of the Irish regatta.

From all accounts, it sounded like another amazing, but hard race followed by the obligatory pints of Guinness and party hosted by the festival organisers.  Well done guys :)

Netley Regatta June 14th 2014

This years Netley Regatta was as ever a great success.  With the usual format of multiple races through out the day, there were races for all.

After the carnival of floats had made it’s way onto the green, the first rowing race of the day commenced with the ¼ mile sprint. White water appeared around the gigs as the crews launched their boats down the course as fast as humanly possible!!  After this the rest of the races were more sedate, with multiple 1 mile races and a long 4 mile race.

Well done to all crew who attended the day, hopefully there will be many more next year.  

Osea Island - Stone Sailing club.  12th July 2014

For the second year running, two intrepid  club teams packed up the gigs and headed to Essex for Stone Sailings clubs annual rowing race around Osea Island.

The 6 mile race began with a mass start off the sailing club line, with a complete mix of fix seated rowing gigs from clubs all around the area.

Our burseldon gig crews  didn’t let the club down, and showed that our little boats can be rowed just as hard to compete with the other clubs for trophies.

Well done to all who attended.

Great River Race 2014

This annual spectacle takes place between Docklands and Richmond and see's over 300 hundred boats taking part, with many crew's coming from oversea's. Known as London's River marathon, the course is 21.3 miles long.


 With approx 2,400 competitors racing for 35 trophies, TheGreat River Race race has become the biggest and most prestigious event of it's kind in Europe, in all a total of 332 Boats competed.

In recent years the Great River Race has become a particular ' Holy Grail', Everest, Auld Mug, Gold Roman Bowl for Hamble based rowers.  

A 7 boat Hamble River invasion force headed up the M3/A3 arterial roads to our capital city and Old Father Thames. 6 Burseldon Gigs and Mercury the Cornish Pilot Gig.

Sadly this correspondent can only report on the finish as he mounted his bicycle in Chiswick and followed the latter part of the race to the finish at Ham.

Before the competitors reached the last leg we were graced with the display of the Royal Barge being rowed serenely up and down as they waited for the racers to draw closer.

Proceeding up to the finish and carnival atmosphere, there were cries of surprise and excitement as the first boat pulled round the corner, not a row boat but a brightly coloured Proa, then a Dory was reported and another Proa, struggling to secure the bike and fight through the crowd I was too late to photo the Elephant Boat yard team who literally roared over the finish line, with what looked like oodles of stamina left and pulling together like a well tuned F1 engine, really impressive.

4th Elephant Boat Yard ( Beaten by two Hawaiian outrigger proa's and the Whitby Fishermans  Dory)

23rd Hamble Sea Scouts Veterans, Black Gig. An amazing result put together by an enthusiastic and coordinated bunch.

27th Hamble Sea Scouts A, 'Exocet'. A young scout team that astounded, crossing the line just ahead of the 'Hamble Boys' in Giggler who we're flying the flag of one of our most popular local pubs, the King and Queen.

28th Hamble Boys, 'Giggler'. Fresh from their training facility the King & Queen where arms are honed and muscles built the Hamble Boys turned in a grand result.

105th 'Crazy Daisies' The Crazy Daisies had trailed up the day before narrowly escaping severe boat damage as their trailer was crunched. Undaunted they yet again turned in a performance to inspire all.

181st 'The Rosie's' , Red Gig from Hamble River Rowing was crewed by a mixture of new GRR competitors and experienced, led by Margi Gordon these lasies should be proud to chalk this event up on their personal time line. 261st 'Mercury', Hamble Sea Scouts fielded a young but tough crew to man this leviathan of a craft. the Pilot gigs are a particularly competitive section of the race with many boats. The competition have very often trained for years and competed regularly, the scout team did well and we salute them.

All the teams crossed the line with smiles and no flagging, really impressive stuff.

Written by Andy Cunningham


The trials and tribulations of a seasons rowing.

Crazy Daisy team

The ‘Gigglers’ team