Hamble River Rowing

The Bursledon Gig

The Bursledon Gig is based on a Falmouth Oyster Punt, an easily driven but safe and practical design, ideal for recreational use. In the late eighties , with the objective of providing close racing in the Bursledon Regatta, several boatyards got together and fitted out five hulls for rowing by two, three and four rowers. Over the years more boats have been added to the fleet.

Rowing the gig.

The Bursledon Gig may be rowed by two, three or four rowers, with a cox’n if required. For these instructions we refer to four rowers.

The crew are named and numbered from forward to aft, the bow sitting on the most forward seat and the stroke on the seat most aft. No 2 and No 3 are the two in the centre.

Stroke side is all the oars on the same side as the Stroke and bow side all oars on the other side.

The Stroke maybe placed either to port or starboard and the bow will be opposite to the stroke.

The Cox’n is in charge of the gig and it’s crew. He/she will perform his duties sat on the rear seat facing forward and will balance the boat.

You may hear the term ‘Ran-Dan’ style. This is when the gig is propelled by a stroke at the rear, a single rower in the centre using both port and starboard oars and a Bow countering the Stroke. 3 rowers in total.