Hamble River Rowing

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Tuesday evening rowing and Sunday morning rowing continues through the spring - use the ‘blog’ on the members site to contact others to make up a crew for Sunday rows, check out the rowing diary for events happening on the Tuesday evenings.

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Winter 2015/16.

Red gig refurbished, with primer and anti fouling rolled on, brass keel band fitted,  improved grip painted onto inside of hull, cushions and storage bags fitted, and finally over cover made and fitted.     


Hamble river raid

A rather wet and windy event this year!  The turn out was still as impressive as ever, but with the crews using the shelter of the beer tent a little more than other years!!

             Elephant boat team - winners                                                                                           

Hamble Games

Chichester Harbour row

A great day away from our usual waters.  Launching at Itchenor,  rowed to the Anchor Bleu at Bosham for lunch, then to the harbour entrtancefor a brew of tea and cake on the beach, before rowing back to Itchener

Ashlett Creek row

Another great expedition row from the jolly sailor to Ashlett creek.

Expedition row up the Beaulieu river

September 4th.  Two gigs were trailered to Gins farm, the club house of the R.S.Y.C, on the lower Beaulieu river.  There we received a warm welcome and launched off their slip way and rowed up to Beaulieu village arriving at high water, giving us plenty of time for a picnic in the sunshine on the green and a wander around the beautiful village before the row back down the river.

Spring 2016

White gig II rebuilt and refurbished.  Hull anti fouled, wooden gunwhales fitted.  Seat cushions and over cover fitted

London Great river race

Four intrepit crews from Hamble travelled once again to London for the annual Great River Race.  21miles straight through the heart of the capital.   

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