Hamble River Rowing

Events and News

21st April - Rowing club open day. 15 new members signed up. Followed by Gig tug of war at MDL Hamble Point Marina boat show

2012 timetable of events:

Tuesday evening rowing and Sunday morning rowing continues through the spring - use the ‘blog’ on the members site to contact others to make up a crew for Sunday rows, check out the rowing diary for events happening on the Tuesday evenings.

Open Day Saturday 21st April

Rowing Tug of War @ MDL Hamble Point Marina

Youtube Clip of the rowing

24th April - First pub row down Hamble to King and Queen

8th May - Evening row down river to Ketch rigger.

12th May - Hamble River Raid.

2nd June - Ocean to City Race Ireland.

5th June - Jubilee picnic up the river.

24th June - Netley Regatta. Cancelled due to weather and waterlogged foreshore.

3rd July - Watching the P&O seven sisters leave Southampton

7th July - Beaulieu River Row - Cancelled due to bad weather

21st July - Hamble River Games.

25th August - Bursledon Regatta

15th September -  Great London River Race.

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