Hamble River Rowing

Ashlett Creek Row 26th January - written by Phillip Meakins

Rowing out in the Solent at this time of year is a bit of a weather lottery , but by some minor miracle the gales and snow  melted away to give us a perfect little weather window for our trip to Ashlett.

Two club gigs and the Solent galley were joined by the Elephant boatyard gig and one of Langstones cutters beautiful new Pilot gigs , with Terry shepherding  us across in his rib.

I had been a bit nervous about throwing this open to all comers , but the standard of rowing in the club is now so high that Terry was redundant and we all made a rapid crossing.

For those that haven’t been there , Ashlett is a delightful destination. Despite being  situated between the oil refinery and the power station , once inside the creek all the industrial buildings disappear from view ,  leaving the ancient tide mill , and equally welcoming pub and sailing club to make a  very pleasant environment. 

It was so nice that some were reluctant to leave , which wasn’t really a problem other than the fact that the slower crews were faced with a long row back up to Bursledon against a sluicing ebb. So with this lesson learnt we should make this a regular destination , albeit the crossing of the shipping lane should always be treated with respect.

First Tuesday Night row of the year

We had over 25 people turn up for the first Tuesday night row of the year in very cold conditions. Just shows how people have been missing there Tuesday nights on the water.

MDL Tug Of War 27th April 2013

Now in it’s second year Hamble River Rowing Club provide gigs and run the MDL Hamble Point boat show tug of war.

In the morning we only had 3 gig entries, however with a little persuasion from Lorraine 8 teams were made up. Our very own Bayhouse boys were up against the reigning champions of Yachting Sports. Unfortunately the Bayhouse boys never really got into their stride and were beaten by Yachting sports by 2-0.

The next heat we had the Ketch Kittens against the MDL Marina team made up of a rabbit and an Afro.! Unfortunately the costumes made seeing difficult and they lost out to the Ketch Kittens 2-1. The next heat had the Spitfires and Performance Rigging against each other. It was even for a long time until the Spitfires took the win.

The last heat we had Sea Scouts A v Sea Scout leaders. Sea Scouts A won convincingly with a member of the Sea Scout Leaders rowing backwards for a time.

The semi finals had Yachting Sports up against the Ketch Kittens. There were threats of baring the Yachting Sports team from drinking in the Ketch Rigger if the Kittens lost. The first leg saw Yachting Sports show their power and win easily. The second heat saw the Ketch Kittens easily overpower Yachting Sports with the help of Jim and Terry pulling Yachting Sports back!!! Yachting Sports then won the last leg and got into the final.

The other Semi final saw The Spitfires win against Sea Scouts A. The Final saw the defending champions against The Spitfires with members of the Hand family. Yachting Sports were to strong in the end and regained the trophy.  

Row for a curry at Ketch Rigger @ Hamble Point Marina

Our first away rowing night was very well attended with 37 rowers and 39 dinning in the all you can eat curry. The sun was shinning all the way for a very pleasant row up the river to the Ketch Rigger who then fed us a fantastic curry. The older members warned the newbies about eating too much as we all still had to row home again at dusk. As there was water all evening there wasn’t the normal waiting time for the water to come back in which made it for a shorter night in the pub.

Hamble River Raid 11th May 2013


The raid management postponed the start on the Hamble foreshore due to heavy rain and we managed to get a rain free hour of great rowing. All the gigs started at 30 second intervals with a le man start of the cox running from the bank and into the boat and then down to off the Jolly Sailor pub back to the foreshore. The finish was after a team member jumped from the boat and ring the bell.

The results are as follows.

  1. Elephant Boat Yard 45minutes 59 seconds
  2. Bayhouse Boys 48:02
  3. R.K Marine 48:12
  4. Mistress 49:45
  5. Rum Raiders 50:24
  6. Beryle C 50:25
  7. Crazy Daisy 51:15
  8. Red GIG 53:54
  9. Giggler 54:31
  10. Exocet 58:53
  11. Scrumptous 1:01:12
  12. Point Source 1:02:35
  13. Blue Gig 1:12:11
  14. Sir Harry 1:30:21
  15. Micheal Schmitt 1:47:50

Netley Regatta 8th June 2013


After the Netley Regatta was cancelled last year to waterlogged fields, this year benefited from warm sunshine with a northerly wind. The club took 2 boats for the regatta, however with the Ocean to city race in Ireland taking place on the same weekend we had a depletion of members. The regatta had 4 races of ¼ mile sprint, 1 mile dash, 4 miles and a coxed 1 mile race. We joined forces for the first 2 races and only entered 1 gig. The ¼ mile sprint had Lorraine and Jamie with the fore and aft oars with Jenny and Susan powering through in the middle of the boat. The 1 mile dash saw Bobby coxing with Lorraine and Jamie again fore and aft, however the power house this time saw Sam and Brian joining us. This was entertaining with the wake of ships going by causing Lorraine to fall off her seat, however we still managed a third place. The 4 mile race saw  the 2 Gigs entered with Bobby, Brian, Susan, Jenny rowing gig one and Jamie, Lorraine and Sam rowing gig 2. Gig 2 managed a third place after a close race with the scout gig for most of the course. After the effort of the 4 mile race we both decided that was the end of our day and didn’t compete in the last race. Well done to the Elephant Boat Yard who wrapped up all the prizes for the day. Roll on next year.

Osea Island 25 May 2013

Upon hearing about the race, I was keen to sign up.  The promise of unexplored waters to Crazy Daisy's ever growing list was tempting.  Also, the chance for my Mum and Dad to finally understand just why, I endlessly go on about rowing.

David, the brains behind the operation was very hopeful to encourage teams from further afield to take part.  He was delighted when I so quickly signed up.  As a result of our communication he became intrigued by The Hamble River Raid, and was soon to join us on the Hamble, unaware that he would walk away with a trophy.  Perhaps it was as a result of this that he was inspired to make us our very own trophy.....1st Bursledon gig Around Osea Island was born.

For some time, it seemed that Crazy Daisy would be the only entrant from our waters.  In the end, Langstone Cutters made an appearance, as well as The Bayhouse Boys and the Hand Family.

The Bayhouse boys walked away with the 1st Bursledon gig trophy.  If it is possible, I actually think their gig was planing at one point.

Perhaps it was because we were a crew member down, my recent experience of a very sore back with Ireland in mind, or simply the fact that the Bayhouse Boys were there. Our rowing effort was only ever going to be leisurely picnic at best.

Whichever way you choose to tackle the event.  It is truly one, that should not be missed.  The Stone Sailing Club has a wonderful feel about it.  The location is unique and has it's own beauty.  The sea behaves differently but this only adds to the adventure.  The bar is cheap, the bbq was second to none. There was bingo if you so wished and we were even offered the kitchen for our own use.  We were made to feel unbelievably welcome.

The race day itself had a friendly but professional structure to it.  All crew members were well fed and watered. Much larger races really should take note.

I will never forget the sight of the Commodore of the sailing club clearing away glasses as the evening got busy.  This really highlighted the whole nature of the event.  'Strength in Unity' at it's best.  It was important that people were having fun regardless of who they were.

I was proud to take part in the very 1st Around Osea Island race. Long may the event continue, I feel it will be the first of many.  I can offer only praise for this event, I strongly urge many more Bursledon gigs to make the journey next year.  

It wasn't just the unbelievable sunsets and the pink champagne we shared that weekend, it was yet again the realisation that whoever or you are or whatever you do, there is nothing quite as nice as 'messing about in boats'! Nicola, Crazy Daisy.

Away row to Langstone 14th June

12 people took part in the away row to the  Langstone Cutters on a glorious sunny Sunday of the 14th June. We took 2 gigs and the egret to Langstone so we could row our boats and then swap over with the Langstone members. We managed to row in their solent galleys, clayton skiffs and teifi skiffs and the Langstone members tried our some what smaller Bursledon Gigs and egret. We where taken out into the Langstone harbour just after low water and watched as an island that we rowed round disappeared as the tide came in. With the launching point being 20 meters away from a pub it was very much home from home with much needed refreshment required in the hot summer day. A fun day of trying out different types of rowing boats was had by all. Thanks to the Langstone rowing club and Chris Partridge in letting us play and Lorraine for organising the event.

Great River race - London results

1 Annihilators (AKA Bayhouse Boys) time 02:54:15 12th overall,  5th 4 oar boat.

2 Elephant Boatyard time 02:56:25 23rd overall, 15th 40ar boat ( rowed most of the race one oar down pin broken before Tower Bridge True Grit! )

3 Mistress time 02:57:32 29th Overall 19th 4 oar ...

Well done every one.

Bursledon Regatta - August bank holiday.

The parisian theme gave plenty of inspiration to the fancy dress, floats  and background artestry.  

The racing was pretty fierce too.

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