Hamble River Rowing

Lottery Award

The Club has been awarded £9544 by Sport England to support a Project entitled ‘Re-establishing Recreational rowing on the Hamble River.  The money is for two, completely equipped Gigs.  The Club has to put in some money to buy trailers and other bits.  This will enable us to visit other waters with the two new Gigs and to go to events such as the Great River Race.

We had to present some ambitious Membership targets and figures for how much extra rowing will take place in future years.  This included the start of a Boat Borrowing Scheme to enable people to start serious ‘fitness rowing’ outside Club Rowing hours.  -   See Below.

We have an exacting Project Delivery Schedule lodged with Sport England who will monitor our progress, spending and the results in terms of Membership growth and participation!  Get Rowing!

New Gig

The Shell for our first new Gig is available, soon, and will be brought to

Bursledon for the addition of thwarts, rowlocks, keelstrap, fendering, etc..

It already has stretcher bars and a glassed over keel slot, which will make

it easier to bail and keep clean.  The second one will be moulded before

Christmas and fitted out for the start of the 2011 season.

Suggestions for names are needed, as are any sponsors who would like to

get their name on the river on one side of the Gig.  We will probably have

the Club name on the other to attract new Members.

If we do not get to row it before the 26th October we will certainly display it at the AGM.

The picture opposite shows the boats that have been finished for Coverack Pilot Gig Club as training boats.  Hopefully we can make our new boats look this good too!

September 2010



 The Great River Race 2010 - Saturday 25th September

Saturday 25th September was a bright, cool day.   With a strong north westerly making the start of the Race very choppy, with wind over tide.  The race is from Millwall Dock in the East End to Ham House at Richmond – 21 miles – not for the faint-hearted.

About  13 Club Members took part in various boats with creditable results.

The fastest boats complete the course in about 2 and a half hours, some of the heavy lifeboats and Dutch whalers take 5 hours!!  The race is a Pursuit Race with the fastest boats starting last and all boats are handicapped to finish at the same time.  This creates lots of exciting mini-races as the smaller boats try to keep larger, faster boats out of the tidal stream as they try to overtake.

There were great parties both the night before the race and afterwards, I am told by those with stamina, though by the look of some competitors it would take a lot to revive them for more partying!!

The results for our local boats were:

 Bursledon Blades with John Foulkes, Philip Meakins and crew came 6th overall.  

Exocet with the Hamble Sea Scouts 1 Crew came 28th overall and 1st in the Sea Couts Class, for the 5th year running!  Mistress, rowed by the Hand family, came 48th overall and 6th in the Mixed Crew Class.

Sacsaywaman with assorted Goodisons and Ortons rowing, including 1 member who had never rowed before came 95th overall and 25th in the Veterans Class.

Point Source rowed by the Hamble Sea Scouts U16 team  came 1st in the U16 Class.

 Sea Scout U16 Ladies crew came 2nd in the same U16 Class.

The GAF Ladies, in Beryl C came in in 21st place in the Ladies Race.

This year 7 Bursledon Gigs were amongst the 339 boats competing.  Next year we may have as many as 4 Club crewed boats to add to the total.  Our Gigs are amongst the smallest boats taking part and the race was won in 2010 by an even smaller boat, from Weybridge Sailing Club.

Evening Row to The Waterside Pub - Tuesday 21st September.

With the nights rapidly drawing in, we decided to make the most of the failing light and use the tide and row down to the Waterside Pub at Mercury Marina, for supper and a pint.

16 rowers in 3 gigs set off, arriving at the pub just before dark.  After enjoying the ales and food, and of coarse waiting for the tide to turn, the rowers made their way back to the Jolly Sailor, rowing through the still and black Hamble waters.

We must do this more often.

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