Hamble River Rowing

Hamble River Rowing Club - 2016 race programme

There will soon be 19 Gigs on the River and some people are beginning to feel a little competitive, are you one of them?

This is a note to Members, and prospective members, to give you notice of the races, old and new, which we will be holding or joining.  It is aimed to get you to put your name down as crew for some, or all of the races.  Those who go for the lot will, we hope to be able to form crews who can train together.  Others will be able to join scratch crews or fill in when others are not available.  Those who are not competitive will benefit from the work that ‘racing’ crews put in to polish the boats and maintain equipment.  Many Members just value getting out on the river for a quiet paddle.

 We hope to have up to 5 Club boats at most events, but there may not be enough spaces for all, so get your bid in early

The Races are:

The Round Osea Island Rowing Race  - 17th September 2016

Hamble River Raid   - 21st May 2016

Hamble Games - 18th June 2016 11am

Manningtree rowing festival   4th & 5th June 2016

Ocean to City – 4th June 2016

Round Canvey Island  23rd July 2016 (provisional)

Netley Regatta -

Bursledon Regatta 27th August 2016

Row the port - Southampton

Great River Race 3rd September 2016

Hamble River Raid

 The first and the original.  This Race takes about 1 hour.  It starts at Hamble Green and goes up to the Jolly Sailor and back.  This year there will be classes for some boats other than our Gigs but we hope there will be up to 15 Gigs rowing.  We expect to have 4 Club Gigs entered and there will be prizes to be won!! There is a also a Pig roast and bar in the marquee on the Green.

 Ocean to City

 Ocean to City includes races over four distances through Cork Harbour:

The event is open to traditional and new types of fixed-seat rowing boats, ocean-type sliding seat rowing boats, canoes and kayaks. Start times are staggered with the slowest boat types leaving first. The target for managing the race is to have all boats crossing the line within 4.5 hours of the first boat starting.

Round Canvey Island

Approximate distance 14 miles -- Mostly with the tide

Four tidal barrages and bridges to pass under (masts to come down).

Safety boat cover provided

All boats must be suitable for deep water rough conditions

Bar open all day -- BBQ food available

Large slipway and ample on-site parking for cars and trailers

Showers and toilet facilities available in club house

Free overnight camping

Netley Regatta

Race Briefing

There will be a race briefing at 1130, prior to the first race, together with printed race instructions.

Race Programme – Start times are provisional, may change on day

Race Start Time Distance Categories

1. Sprint 1200 0.25 mile 18+ No of Oars Optional

2. 1 mile dash and Ladies Race 1230 1.0 mile 18+ No of Oars Optional  

Trophy for the first all female crewed boat.

3. Fun Run 1330 0.25 mile 18+ Any means of propulsion other than oars or mechanical

4. Netley Cup 1400 4.0 mile * 18+ No of Oars Optional  

* Distance may be shortened, depending on weather conditions and timings.

5. Crichton Cup 1530 1.0 mile 18+ 4 Oars + 1 Cox

6. Egg and Spoon Race 1630 0.25miles 2 Oars 1 Person with egg and spoon standing on midship thwart.


Consideration has been made about handicapping with regard to the differing type of oars used, as with the Hamble River Raid no handicapping will occur. It is thought that rowing style, technique, stamina and trimming, play a greater role in the overall performance.

 Bursledon Regatta

The Race format will be the same as last year, allowing more Gigs to take part safely, most of the rowing part of the regatta will be on the Sunday.  Less chance of small heads being hit by big oars in the pool area!!! We hope to have 5 Club boats available.

The Boatyard Sheave Race is often rowed with a crew of 3 and normally starts the rowing races, as it is a longer race.  There are also 2 handed Mens and 2 handed Ladies races and a 4 handed Mixed Crew race and a 6 handed race.

It is probable that all Gigs will have to have a Cox for racing and use Britannia oars, except for the Boatyard Sheave race

 Great River Race

 This is a 2 ½ to 4 hour marathon that rows 23 miles from Millwall to Ham House in Richmond.  Last year 7 Bursledon Gigs took part with 1 coming 6th out of 289 starters.  A fantastic and brilliantly organised event.  This year we intend that up to 4 Club Gigs should take part, perhaps there will be a dozen Gigs in total.  It is worth training for, though the GAF Ladies have done it for several years with, apparently, little training.  Each boat must have a Cox and a passenger.

 The entry fee is quite high but when you see the organisation and the facilities you will understand why.  There are parties and bands in the meadows at the side of the River both before and after the Race, with about 3000 rowers it is quite a do.

What do I do if I want to Race?

Come and discuss it on Tuesday evenings.

When the email comes out about registering for a crew – act on it

Talk to other members about forming a Crew

Get qualified to take a boat out outside Club hours for Crew training?

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