What a great night for a row!

Last night was brilliant!  The sun was out, the water was mirror-like and after all that a bitter shandy was waiting for me at the pontoon with lots of friendly faces.  Tuesday night is giving Friday night a good run for it’s money in becoming the best night of the week!

Hamble Tug of War

The second Hamble Rowing Tug of War takes place this Saturday, starting at 2pm in the water behind the Ketch Rigger at Hamble Point Marina.The ‘Tug’ is held between our two white club gigs which are connected through a series of pulleys.  It is a knockout contest, last year 8 teams took part.  Each Tug lasts up to about 1 minute of strenuous rowing as the stronger boat pulls the other back to a mark crews are of 4, using Britannia oars.  Our 2 Gigs will be towed down for the event. Lots of fun and the Ketch Rigger is open and there will be lots of boats to see at the Hamble Point Show. You can just turn up and make up a crew if you haven’t got a complete one.  Lorraine is master of Ceremonies

Open Day 13 April 2013

Even though it was a miserable day with the weather we had 11 people come down and see the club and boats with 5 people so keen they went out in heavy rain. Well done to them and I hope they enjoyed it. If you were one of those people or couldn’t make it please come down on a Tuesday evening and give us your e-mail address so you can be on our mailing list so you can be informed of events or e-mail website@hambleriverrowing.com Happy rowing. Jamie

Exciting times and club bonding

It was my first row of the season last night and an exhilarating row in the fresh evening air helped build the anticipation of another great season to come! (I know what your sighing about, another fairweather rower!)  But please sun god can you be nicer to us this year?

On another note, I was slightly disappointed to find out that members weren’t given the opportunity to take part in the start of season boat maintenance this year.  This usually provides a fantastic forum for team building, chatting to other members and making plans for the coming season.  Also as much as it sounds cheesy it’s an excellent ‘club bonding’ opportunity, working together to maintain and prep our gigs finished off by a tasty and well deserved hot chocolate and a chat.  It gives members the opportunity to get muddy and care for the little gigs and oars that bring us so much enjoyment throughout the year and get them looking at their best, ready to show off on the river.  Please could we have a bit of notice and be given the opportunity to be inovlved in future?

I’m looking forward in anticipation to the river raid and to wallowing in my hog roast and Pimms finish.  Let’s start the fighting talk!  Here’s to an excellent summer HRRC!