Away day to the Langstone Cutters 14th July 2013

Trip to visit the Langstone Cutters in Chichester Harbour.  We have finally organised    a time to go and visit their club.The plan is to meet at the Jolly Sailor at 12:30 on Sunday 14th July.  We will put    the two white gigs and the Egret on trailers and drive them around to the Langstones.     Please let the committee know if you have a car with tow hitch that can be used.We should be at the Langstone’s by 14:00, from there we will launch our boats – don’t    forget the wellies!!!  The idea is to then spend the afternoon rowing in a number    of different boats – ours and theirs and end up in the pub for well earned refreshments later.Book here if you would like to come.

Botley Curry Row 18th June – Book now 30 places

On Tuesday 18th June we have arranged to row to Botley for a curry at the Purbani restaurant.  We will leave the Jolly by 6.45 and fast boats will get to Botley in under an hour.  We will stop at a slipway 300 yards short of Botley and walk up the lane to the restaurant.  The meal will be a buffet, starters will be pappadoms and onion bhajis, main courses will be a mild chicken/apricot dish, a lamb rogan josh and a chicken jalfrezi, side dishes will be a sag aloo, and a chana broccoli, pilau rice and naan..  If there are a lot of vegetarians we may add another main course.  The price will be £14.  We will have to leave by 9.20 to catch the tide back down.  There are 30 places so book early or miss out.  In the event of bad weather we will cancel on the Monday,  Otherwise, if you say you are coming you are committed to paying, you can always drive to Botley if it is a bit drizzly and you are wimpish.  Rowing back in the dusk, with nothing but trees and water is magical.  Bring torches in case we are late. To book go to the booking part of the website.  if you are a veggie please make sure we know.