An evening in the life of the HRRC Committee…

Apart from the odd swill of beer and sneaky crunch of scampi fries there was some serious business to be done.  Last night saw the first HRRC committee meeting of 2014, and the first committee meeting for Emma Cheetham and I!  As you’ll see from the minutes in your inbox there was plenty to discuss. 

To sum up, we’re all looking forward to the 2014 rowing season and have already scheduled several ‘starter’ maintenance dates to get the gigs fit and ready for their fit and ready rowers. Info on what, where and when are listed in the minutes, with more details to follow.  Also discussed were events, additional positions on the committee, the and potential basic training opportunities aimed at members with no or limited background in boaty things.  This years HRRC open day will fall on 26th April at the Jolly sailor with the added bonus this year of a ‘Have a Go’ day at the Hamble Point Boat Show.

Emma and I are happy to represent your views on the committee especially any ideas or concerns . Please come and have a chat or contact us by email.  Additionally let me know if you would like to register an interest in the ‘Knots’ or ‘Rules of the River’ courses and I will send you some details (our email addresses are in the members section of the website).  The next HRRC committee meeting will take place on February 18th.  Now I just need to work off those scampi fries!

Operation Grand Canyon – BBC IPlayer

Hope you all had brilliant Christmas’s and Happy New Year to you!

Just in case you missed it and you fancy watching some interesting rowing and perhaps gathering some inspiration for the coming rowing season, Operation Grand Canyon is well worth a watch!

A team of 3 wooden canyon boats row the rapids of the Grand Canyon 1869 style!  Think wooden rowing boats, wooden oars, mixed with rocks and rapids and amateur rowers! Historians Dan Snow & Sam Willis, Geologist  Dougal Jerram and Ecologist Mike Dilger take rowing to extremes.  I bumped into Sam Willis just after he got back and he was still having nightmares!  Currently available on BBC IPlayer.

See you soon!