Maintenance Day Report


Saturday was our first maintenance day of 2014 and would you believe it…the sun appeared!  I was lying in my bed on Saturday morning listening to the howling wind and being very glad that I had a good pair of waterproofs but I needn’t have worried. I grabbed my gloves, waterproofs and husband and headed for the Jolly Sailor.  Unfortunately the wind was still very strong at the mouth of the river although at Swanwick we were nicely sheltered.  It meant that it would be very difficult to row up to Hamble Point (which had been subject to a tidal surge the previous night) so Foulkes Yard were last minute life savers and kindly put us up for the day (thank you!)
The maintenance group was made up of old hands and novices young and ….young.  It provided a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn new skills as well as getting to talk to some different club members.
 photo 1 20140215_124617small
Andy and Anthony soon set to work with the high pressure hoses which Andy kindly borrowed from Hamble Point (thank you Andy & HP) and made quick work of shifting the grime.  We scrubbed and splashed and soaked up the rays, even shedding a few layers of clothes as well as weed and silt.  At half time Terry provided workers with a very welcome cup of tea and biscuits on his boat (amazing, thanks Terry).
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We then took note of the repairs needed which turned into quite a long list.  As a result of some splitting the Red Gig is now out of action until some repairs can be made to splits in the hull, Gig I and II have a list of things that need doing from new nuts and bolts, to sanding repainting and filling along with a few parts that need replacing.
The next maintenance day will be looking at the oars.
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Please sign up and help keep our boats going good and strong!
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