Tuesday 3rd Feb

A quick thank you to all those who attended the ‘Hamble River Rowing Jolly Sailor new season kick start supper’ – Gosh what a mouthful

And indeed it was, as usual a lovely supper from Amanda and her team served with warmth and laughter. Combined with this was the generous discount matched and returned to the club for maintenance funds. I am happy to report that we raised £ 63.70 which will go towards varnish, sand paper, brushes and other required items. So thank you John and Amanda, Tara and team.

And of course we must thank them for their continued support of the club, we would be stymied without them.

Thank you to Jim for sleuthing out various events to attend and to add to our diaries. Plenty of new ones as well as the old favourites. I will transcribe these for posting soon ( or Jim could you bash them over to me and we can cut and paste? ) Cheers in advance.

Good to see Jamie and Lorraine back safely with Emma and Jo and here’s all the best to them as they prepare the Green gig that will be named in honour of Jamie’s father. More to follow when she is ready for her debut.

A big thank you to all those who attended the ‘big strip & rub down’ to prepare the Egret and Blue Gig, Thank you to Bryan for attending to the thwarts. All is ready for when the weather warms up a tad so that we can apply the ‘Wood skin’ to the gunwales and seats. Once that is done the Egret and Blue gig will look splendid and we can then address the others.

Thank you Terry who has taken away a USB stick full of Hamble River Raid info which he will load up on to the River Raid Website, so keep an eye out for that. I will shortly produce the booklet and get that out too.

As an aside I have been in consultation with the Hamble Parish Council re, the raid, primarily because of the Lifeboat station re-build and it’s impact on staging the event but again they look very kindly on rowing and have gone out of their way to ensure all will run smoothly. As indeed does MDL / Hamble Point Marina who have kindly allowed the club to keep the gigs ashore at HPM with Michael Schmidt & Partner. To sum up we all belong to a group of River users who are promoting ‘grass roots’ type boating, with minimal impact on the environment, a healthy use of the river and of course open to all.

As the spring encroaches don’t be afraid to follow ‘Mole’s example and push out to ‘spring clean the boats so that we can all enjoy the river this season. Just call me if you have any questions.

And finally congratulations to Bobby on her birthday and generous and lovely surprise of producing a truly, yummy, gooey chocolate cake to wrap up the evening meal with, 21 again and a summer to look forward to!

All the best and see you soon either on the water or scraping and varnishing.

Andy Cunningham

Winter Sundays

The last three Sundays in January, two boats, full of happy rowers have made their way down river to join the queue at the Blue Star Café, enjoying the usual refreshments before making their way back.

This time of year the river offers a continuing sight of all the birds that flock to the mud flats.

The last Sunday we passed the Brent geese with their gentle low pitched calls, who were busy feeding in groups along the shore. As we came round the point at Land’s End we were able to pass close to those geese at the water’s edge, beaks busy foraging and indifferent to us.

The lapwings that rise and swirl, the ducks the swans the dunlins, there is something to see at almost every stroke.

This Sunday despite the cold wind and a falling tide 11 persons were there to row.

The proposal to row down to the fighting top then across to Universal for coffee seemed a good plan and soon put into action.

Thank you to those who came and rowed made these days possible. And thank you to Brian for mending the foot rest for Gig one