What Sundays were made for…

Sunday Morning October 19th

Despite an unpromising early  greyness, six of us were at the Jolly Sailor and ready to row by 10.0am or soon after. We set off with a light ebb but against a stiff gusting wind. A minor contretemps and capsize in the lazer fleet was a momentary diversion.  We got to the Chinese Bridge in good time where we did a change around of passenger and cox. There was no queue at the café and we were soon on the balcony with teas, coffees and bacon butties and friendly chatter as we watched the boats on the river and the fisherman with his proud catch.

The natural world is always there to enjoy. Before we set off we watched a couple of male swans in a territorial battle. Further down river we noted that the Brent geese are back and we saw a stilt and there were the wind ruffled swan family on the Hamble shore.

The wind certainly helped the return row. When we stopped to change rowers the wind kept moving us up river. So we relaxed and just took in the view for several minutes before bending to the oars.

The sun was straying for longer periods from behind the clouds so the seats on the other gigs were dry but the rain water hadn’t evaporated. Everyone then got cheerfully stuck in in oiling and bailing and cleaning.

Sunday morning rows have become a highlight of the week and windy or calm sunny or dull the row is always different and never regretted. Every rower at some time or other feels the need to express just how amazing it is and how lucky we are.

Di Roberts

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