Hi Rowers,

It is time for our Club AGM and to elect a Committee for the 2016 season.  The AGM is to be held on Tuesday 26th Jan at 7pm. at the Hamble Sea Scouts HQ off Hamble Lane (Signposted The Police HQ the Scout HQ is through the gate straight ahead of you 100 yards after turning off Hamble Lane).
The main purposes of the AGM will be to review 2015, elect a new Committee, set subscriptions and pick up ideas to be added to plans for 2016.  An Agenda will be forthcoming, shortly.
This year we will have only 4 elected Officers on the Committee – Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – plus an election of a Club Captain.  Other Members will be co-opted to take responsibility for small parts of our activity:-
  • Publicity
  • Club Communications and website
  • Social events
  • Expeditions
  • Competitions/racing
  • Maintenance
Some members have already indicated their willingness to help, but don’t let this stop you from volunteering to be on the Committee or help another Committee Member.
Nominations for the 4 elected Officers should be emailed by 18th January, stating which 2 Members are proposing and seconding that Member. Volunteers for other roles can also email the Secretary.  A short description of all the Committee roles is attached.  Spreading the load will make it manageable.
I hope we will be able to organise refreshments for the 26th!
Happy New Year.

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